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Pepe | Mister27~AT~aol~DOT~com
Salutari tuturor Rockerilor din Arad(mai ales celor care prin '88 isi petreceau cea mai mare parte a timpului pe malul Muresului golind sticle de bere si ascultind muzica buna);
10 April 2003 - Germany

nice page
09 April 2003

Béla Borza | belabor~AT~aol~DOT~com
salutári colegilor liceului de arte plastice (absolventi 80) si fostilor coechipier de polo din padurice
08 April 2003 - neuwied 8;04;03

marcella grinberg | tbweiss~AT~mcc~DOT~org~DOT~il
Mi-ar face mare placere sa iau legatura cu fosti colegi de la liceul Ion Slavici ,promotia 1972
Mai ales cu Voichita Boscaiu, Horia Catalina ,Marius Groza si Miclea Tiberiu
07 April 2003 - Israel

Totu Claudiu | claudiu~DOT~totu~AT~castr~DOT~ro
Bravo pentru site; Astept sa-mi scrie fosti colegi din Ineu(promotia 1985) ;
Claudiu Totu
03 April 2003 - Alexandria

Calin | calinl~AT~optusnet~DOT~com~DOT~au
Salutare Arad din Adelaide!
03 April 2003 - Australia

Ovidiu | madius~AT~hem~DOT~utfors~DOT~se
Tu cel din Olanda , nu te chiama cumva NELU, muzicianul ????
29 March 2003 - Sweden

Razvi | srazvi~AT~acasa~DOT~ro
Asta-i prima data cind vizitez aceasta pagina si mi se pare reusita , eu fiind din arad nu ma intereseaza informatii de aici , ma lovesc de realitatea de zi cu zi si imi ajunge ;
28 March 2003 - Arad

calin | calin~AT~carusel~DOT~org
Un site excelent pe care'l vizitez cam de la inceput!!!
Fiind un aradean getbeget si absolvent al liceului I;Slavici(sau 'nr;1'sau M;Nicoara),ma intreb daca mai exista persoane din promotia '64(;;yeah,;;I know;;)care viziteaza acest site excelent;De oriunde ar fi;;;
24 March 2003 - Olanda

Tom Qtsa | tqtsa~AT~mailbox~DOT~hu
Dear Webmaster! I did placed az announcement in the beginning of March: ,,Ingyen jotanacs mindazoknak akik;;;'' in the hope that it will receive the attention of all the citizens of Arad; But that announcement was withdrawn less than 24 hour; To know about this information is a right for all respectful citizen; Withholding this is a crime, and give the green light such an individual walk free in the streets of Arad is unforgivable for those ones who know this information; Buries that fact give the right to certain elements (named in that announcement) to continue their crime against people and state if their action left unpunished, just because of ignorance; So, it's up to you Webmaster, if you ignore this information again; Please find the recent message and put it up for display again;
T; Qtsa
23 March 2003 - Gyor, Magyarorszag

  Dear Tom, I have removed your message after it was translated to me from hungarian. In your message you acused a person from Arad. Since VA has no means to proove that your allegations are true or slander, I decided to remove your message. I encourage you to follow the legal way for such cases, and contact the Arad and/or the national authorities able to solve this case. You can do this even via Internet. Although VA wants to inform everybody about relevant issues in Arad, it doesn't want to become a substitute for other legal institutions.

Thank you for your understanding.

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